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  • Creativity

    We use creative media to empower change-makers

    We educate youth and NGOs how to use media to scale up their impact.

  • Capacity building

    Capacity building through media

    We help young leaders grow and develop capacity by using media as empowerment tool.

  • Voices of Youth

    Media Advocacy and Analysis

    We provide media support services to organisations that support social, economic and environmental causes.

  • Young changemakers

    We educate the next generation of young media leaders.

    We organise trainings and workshops for young media leaders.

  • Creative services

    We provide creative media services

    We are here to photo and video document events, projects and gatherings. Photo and video coverage, documentaries, promo videos, data animations are just some examples of offers from our creative menu.

What We Do

Youth and CSO Empowerment

  • Are you a young person engaged in making a change in the community?
  • Do you want to learn how to use video and new media to scale up the impact of your actions and have your voice really heard? 
We train YOUth to use video and new media as tools to help you speak up and engage other people in change-making actions.
  • Are you a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) in need for solutions to make your work more visible?
We are here to train CSOs to get the media skills that help them spread the word for their work and impact.

Creative media services

Do you need support in mastering your project visibility?
Come with us if you want to survive the new media jungle. 


We are here to help by:
i) providing trainings and workshops for using video and new media to leverage your visibility and impact;
ii) providing photography, video and interactive mapping, social media support, design and other creative services for projects and events. 

Media analysis

Can we really make a difference in our society by using the power of media?

We believe and do so.

Here is how we do it:
- Fresh and innovative policy briefs and articles on various youth and media related issues,
- Links between new media technologies and education, and
- Usage of internet as e-learning platform.

Recent Work


Skopje Film Festival 2014 calling: бараме волонтери

Skopje Film Festival 2014 calling: бараме волонтери

Сте за одлично филмско искуство? Сакате да бидете дел Скопскиот филмски фестивал…
Едно-дневна работилница: Прифати, толерирај, не дискриминирај на „Младите можат”

Едно-дневна работилница: Прифати, толерирај, не дискриминирај на „Младите можат”

Дали сме навистина различни? Кој вели дека не можеме да бидеме толерантни?…
Activists’ Guide to Archiving Video from Witness

Activists’ Guide to Archiving Video from Witness

You are a human rights activist, a small or grassroots human rights…
Работилница за јакнење на комуникациски вештини

Работилница за јакнење на комуникациски вештини

Брзаш да се пријавиш? Најдолу на страницава те чека формата за регистрација.…

What people say about us

Creative Exchange, Cre8ive8, Skopje, Petar Pavlov

Cre8ive8 supported the 2nd, 3rd and 4th edition of the Creative Exchange Initiative in Macedonia. The initiative has brought together more than 300 creative workers and artists to share their work and engage in creative dialogue.

‘Anyone who has been dealing with event organization, knows how important is to have a great support. Cre8ive8 is providing exactly that, in a flawless way.’

Petar Pavlov, Designer & Founder of Creative Exchange 

Social Inclusion

‘I had a pleasure to collaborate with Cre8ive8 in conceptualizing, developing, producing and disseminating the first ever documentary film in Macedonia “ Labour Market for All” dedicated to the Labour Market Integration of vulnerable groups and people with disabilities. While the topic of the film is noble and challenging, we have managed to put together a film that portrays both the difficulties of these groups and their  strength and hope for better/equal life.’

Afredita H. Imeri, Fostering Social Inclusion and Inclusive Labour Market

lets cre8

Training Course: Let’s cre8 together

‘The summer camp ‘Let’s Cre8 Together’ was the most exciting camp ever. My life really changed a lot. Thanks to the fantastic workshops I had a great time and an excellent opportunity to open my mind and soul and make a difference. Thanks to the irreplaceable instructors I realized that i own a spirit full of creation and achievement and fortunately i learnt how to show this…’

Maja Petrova, Participant in the Let’s Cre8 Together training course

Read more on the Let’s cre8 together blog.